Saturday, November 03, 2007

I suppose I should post something

We've been back for a few weeks now. The first two weeks were crazy. No one was sleeping well or often, and we were just coping and trying to get adjusted to the time change. We're doing better now. Trea is loving all of her cousins and nursery friends, and all the other little kids in the neighborhood.

We had a great time traveling with John's parents before returning to the States. It was fun to show them why we love Thailand.

This Halloween was Trea's first time trick-or-treating. She got the hang of it really fast, and kept saying things like "I have lots of candy" and "go get candy? go to houses? go to lots of houses?" I think she thinks we've been holding out on her this entire time. People will give you candy, all you have to do is put on a dress and knock! Who knew?

We are excited to see everyone near us; we'll be in touch with y'all soon.

And, of course, pictures of my beautiful girl in her Halloween costume. Aunt Ashley made it for Lonna last year, and this year it was Trea's turn to be Belle. She turns three tomorrow, and I can hardly believe it.