Thursday, March 29, 2012

"The Project"

That's what we call it around here. The never-ending, almost-sorry-I-even-started-it, project. The one that took so long Trea once told me, "Mom, I hope you finish that before I'm all grown up."

Me too!

So, let me explain.

This is the space beneath our stairs:

Doesn't that just scream "playhouse" to you? I thought it did. We put the two play kitchens and the table and chairs in there. A good start, but. . . then I read the blog of my cousin's wife, Amy, and she had made the cutest felt cover for a card table, to make a playhouse. And I thought, it would be really cool to make a false front for the play space in our house.

So I made this:

The kids love it.

Close up of the rosebush:

Close up of a rose:

Close ups of vine flowers:

(Sorry they're a little blurry, photography is on my list of things to learn. . .you know, now that I'm not working on this.)

There are ladybugs on the vine too:

I thought about butterflies, but I decided to add those later. They will be used to strategically hide any rips/stains/tears (which are inevitable, may as well plan for it, right?)

Although I am embarrassed to admit this, I started this nearly two years ago. Memorial Day weekend, 2010. I made a lot of progress at first, and then I was sick, because I was pregnant with Mailaya. . .then I was nursing a newborn and chasing a toddler, which is NOT conducive to big projects that have to be laid out. . .and then my mom got sick and passed away shortly thereafter. I ripped out all the dandelions in my front yard while she was sick, but I didn't want to do anything that needed patience. After she died I just didn't have any desire to work on it for a while.

But, it's done now. The hanging isn't perfect - but I've got a plan to tweak it. I also saved the sheer brown curtains that were in the living room, because I thought they'd make good doors. There's velcro on the back of the castle, so I just need to add velcro to the "doors" and they'd be done.

John asked me at one point what I was going to do to the back - you know, the inside of the castle? Good grief, like it needs wallpaper???

(I might, if I find the right fabric. . .)

It was also John's idea to add the rainbow. I had a sketch that I showed him, and he (somewhat sarcastically) said,"Great, all it needs is a rainbow."

And I, without a trace of sarcasm, said, "You're RIGHT! It DOES need a rainbow!"

That cost him about $30 in felt, so he probably regrets it.

I have big plans for the inside too, but I'm taking a break from this project to do other things. I'll come back to it eventually. I always do.