Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just when you think Church is boring

Our ward is shaking things up. Today, the Relief Society, Young Woman, and Primary presidencies were ALL released. I was secretary in the Primary presidency, and now I'm second counselor. Not a huge change, except doing Sharing Time scares the heck out of me. The new Primary president is an amazing woman who I have admired for a long time; the other counselor and new secretary are busy, busy ladies but I think they will be awesome to work with.

Three years ago this summer, I was called as secretary in the Relief Society Presidency. Just a week or two later, one of the counselors developed appendicitis and had to have surgery. I was called to this new presidency last Sunday. Today, the secretary in the new Primary presidency had HER appendix out. I don't believe in curses but. . .what the heck??? I told the other sisters in the just-released Primary presidency that they were very lucky none of them lost an appendix.

I'm also Assistant Compassionate Service Coordinator. I like to joke that I'm Assistant TO the Compassionate Service Coordinator, but apparently no one in my ward watches The Office so I've given up. The Compassionate Service Coordinator in our ward is this sister who's a little, well, rough. She tells it like it is. She can be a little bossy. She can be a little grouchy. But man, can that lady organize a funeral. She's awesome at getting stuff organized, and that's really the role of the Compassionate Service Coordinator, isn't it?

She's also had health issues for the last few years so about a year ago, maybe a year and half, they asked me to assist. Fine, no problem. All I have to do is show up and take orders, and I am good at that. They called me to be Primary secretary eight months ago and asked if I would still assist her. Sure, no problem. Then they called me to be second counselor, and asked if I could still assist. Sure.


The Compassionate Service Coordinator is REALLY sick. She's been out of commission for the last couple of months and is not expected to be back in full health any time soon. And today they announced that we are having a special ward fast because there are SO MANY people in our ward who are battling cancer or having major surgeries or otherwise struggling healthwise. Now I'm wondering if it's too late to change my mind about keeping both callings??? It'll be okay, right? He qualifies those he calls and all that. It'll be okay.