Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pictures from Thailand

Modern technology is fabulous. John's been in Thailand three days, and already he's emailed me pictures of our new place. I'm kind of upstaging him by posting them here (he hasn't had a chance to put them on his blog yet) but most of the people who read his, don't read mine, and vice versa. I don't have a lot of experience with posting pictures, so they'll probably be all messed up. Oh well. There's two of our room, one of the stairs, one of the downstairs area, and one of the outside of the houses opposite us. I'm assuming ours looks the same. There's air con in both bedrooms, and two bathrooms with hot water (yeah!). Chantrea's room isn't quite as nice - no built in closets, just a very utilitarian metal wardrobe - but she won't notice. It has two twin beds and one of them has siderails. Perfect for a toddler. And then we have an extra bed, in case anyone happens to be in the neighborhood!


suprbacana said...

Cool!!! Looks like a nice place. beautiful wood. Is it like a townhouse? I wish we had a/c. :) We have a tiny window unit in our bedroom but in order to cool preston's room we have to use a fan to blow all the air his way. :) Our bedroom gets over 90 degrees on a hot day in the summer...gag :)

sleep deprived said...

It's a townhouse. There's only AC in the bedrooms, but that will do. They have ceiling-mounted AC units with remote controls. Pretty cool, huh?