Thursday, March 22, 2007

I know you're all thinking I haven't posted because I'm busy with a new baby (that is, if you even think about whether or not I post. . .) Wishful thinking. I haven't posted because there's NOTHING TO POST ABOUT! No baby here. Just one very large, very pregnant woman trying to not get anxious over the fact that the baby isn't here yet.

To make things even more fun, my doctor left town two days ago for a nine-day trip. Wow, glad I spent three months searching for the perfect doctor, so he could be somewhere else when it's time for me to deliver. Oh well. He referred me to a colleague of his, who is also a natural childbirth specialist, and we'll go to see him tonight. Hopefully his English will also be passable - otherwise John will need to brush up on medical terms in a hurry. John thinks we're cursed when it comes to health care providers and pregnancy. The midwife I saw throughout my pregnancy with Trea was unable to deliver her due to other commitments, and now this doctor also had to leave. Someone remind me - should I ever actually consider getting pregnant again - to just choose a group practice already!

We also are having serious concerns about the attitude this baby is displaying. First, being uncooperative through all three ultrasounds, so that we don't even know if it's a boy or a girl. Second, making me sick as a dog for the vast majority of this pregnancy. And now, not even having the courtesy to come in a timely manner! Really, is this the behavior of a sweet, cooperative child? I think not. John is threatening to name the baby "Willowdy" if he/she doesn't show up soon (Willowdy is the name John's mother had picked out for him, had he been a girl, which is one of many reasons why John is glad he is a man.)

In all seriousness, though, all that matters is doing what's best for the baby. If that means staying fat and pregnant a while longer, that's ok. If that means an induction - or even a C-section - that's ok too. I'm still hoping for a natural, uncomplicated birth though. Wish me luck!


suprbacana said...

Aah! Poor Kristen. I hope your due date was just a little off and you'll have that baby soon. Did your sister make it there?
No news yet on the Maryland job. I'll keep you posted.

Jessica said...

I don't really see why they'd need to do a section-- unless he/she was transverse or there was a cord prolapse. I think you'll be able to have the birth you want. I wonder if you're wrong on dates, although going over 40 weeks (and even over 42) is totally normal. has lots of info about this.

Sucks about the doctor.
Looking forward to hearing from you again!

sleep deprived said...

It makes doctors nervous to go over 42 weeks though, because it gets a little risky.

And a lot of doctors love to give C-sections for failure to progress. . .

I know no one can make me agree to an induction or even a section, but I'm not sure how confident I'll be regarding my gut instinct when the time comes.

For now, my doctors have been great about not pressuring me to agree to interventions, and monitoring me closely. So, chances are good I'll have another perfect birth like Trea's.

"When" is another story!

Jessica said...

I think over 42 wks is risky only if there are low fluid levels or placental problems. But you're right that once they start messing with things (like inducing) it tends to go downhill from there. I've heard people say they think that in most cases failure to progress is really failure to wait. That's kind of funny, but kind of not!
Anyway, I'm sending you happy labor vibes! I'm sure you are ready for the arrival. Isn't it hot there now? (or am I totally wrong?) Being big isn't comfortable though even when it's not hot. But of course, you know this. :D
btw good that you have cool drs. yay.

Kimberly said...

I feel for you! I cannot stand the final few weeks of pregnancy. I'm thinking of you every day just waiting for the phone to ring. Love you!!