Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nothing much

Nothing much happening here. . . still no baby (I was due yesterday, so anytime now). School is wrapping up. It is very, very hot. Hot weather and being nine months pregnant do not mix in my book!

We did have an interesting experience last week, in that we got into our first car accident here in Thailand. John was making a right-hand turn when a motorcycle traveling the same direction crashed into his side of the car. The motorcycle had been behind us and told us he didn't think we were going to turn, because there was a truck coming, so he tried to go around us. There was plenty of time for John to make the turn, the accident totally wasn't his fault. Still, the unwritten rule here isn't about who's at fault, it's whoever has the most money. Since we were the farangs driving a car, and he was a Thai on a motorbike, we obviously were going to have the priviledge of footing the bill. We've also heard that it's best just to settle it between the two parties involved, and not call the police, so that's what we did. After much discussion (by this time a number of passers-by had accumulated, and all put their two bahts' worth in) the motorcycle driver asked for 1500 baht. About $42. Frankly, we were just glad that he wasn't seriously hurt (he was scraped up a bit) and for that amount he could go to the doctor, get his bike fixedl, and replace his torn pants. We still need to get our car fixed, as the side view mirror is completely wiped out and the driver's side door is banged up, but we'll wait until after the baby is born. I was teasing John, because we asked the mechanic to replace the driver's side view mirror last time we had the car worked on, and he replaced the passenger's side view mirror instead. At least this time there will be no question about which mirror needs replacing!


suprbacana said...

I'm glad you weren't hurt in the car accident. When I was in Brazil I was astonished that more "motoboys" didn't smash into cars....they are allowed to weave inbetween traffic and stuff and it's SO scary. If you don't leave them enough room to squeeze through they'll kick your car. Or at least that's what I heard. It's so crazy.

We wish you a wonderfully speedy labor, delivery, and recovery!!

Anonymous said...

Fun to see a post from you! We are anxiously waiting on baby news...I hope you go soon just so you don't have to be pregnant in the heat any more =)

Sorry about the doesn't sound fun all around.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad for the update-- I've been thinking about you and your baby!

brian said...

All the best with the new arrival. I'm trying to set up this whole blog thing and was wondering how you set up links to your friends. Figure I won't get a response if you're in labor, but it was also an excuse to say hi.


Zimm said...

I'm going to go ahead and assume you've had the baby by now...congratulations!