Thursday, April 05, 2007

One week update

I can't believe it's been a week already. We've decided on a name - Adia. For now, it's Adia Nicole, but we haven't registered the birth yet and I reserve the right to change my mind about the middle name. I still kind of like Adia Grace. . .Trea actually was the deciding vote. We asked her which name she liked - Adia or Amelia - and she said "Adia." After that, it was Adia this, Adia that, Adia's blanket. . .we really didn't have a choice! She says it very clearly too. As an added bonus, the Thais can say it as well.

We've had a busy week. Sunday, we had a follow up visit at the hospital, and they decided to admit Adia to be treated for jaundice. We spent two nights. Lucky for us, this time they had a private room available. John was able to come and spend a lot of time with me while Trea was at nursery school. She had kind of a hard time with me being gone, but she did pretty well for her age. Adia responded well to the phototherapy treatment. I think they are a little on the cautious side here, but that's ok.

As a side note, John discovered that very few people here know jaundice by its official Thai name. They just call it "yellow eyes" - like we call conjuctivitis pink eye (and they call conjunctivitis "red eye.") They also refer to the phototherapy treatment as "cooking" the baby. John also got to translate lots of breastfeeding advice from various nurses, and learned lots of new terms, which I'm sure will come in handy should he ever be a translator :).

It's really unbelievable how good I feel, considering. I walked over to the school to pick Trea up the other day, and later one of the Thai teachers told John I shouldn't be doing that, that I need to rest. I've also been cautioned against drinking cold water - not sure why, but apparently there will be dire consequences. And there's a long list of vegetables I'm supposed to eat, none of which we recognize. And our next door neighbor told John I should be bringing the baby outside for a few minutes every morning, but I think that may be just an excuse for her to see the baby.

Trea is doing really well with the baby. She seems to be testing her limits a little with us, but she loves Adia. The other day John was changing the baby's diaper, and she was fussing, and Trea kept telling her "Don't cry, baby, cooperate!" She's been told that herself - frequently - and I wasn't sure she understood the word until now. She always wants to make sure the baby is covered up and taken care of. It's very cute. Hopefully it will last!


suprbacana said...

Awesome! I am glad everything is going well. I bet John is feeling more and more educated in Thai words for female anatomy than he ever thought he'd have to be. hahaha Good for him for being a good sport. I am glad Trea is doing well... Her "cooperate" comment reminds me of Preston. The other day I was trying to get him dressed and he was too wiggly and then he says, "C'mon Preston! Pay attention" It was quite funny. Anyways, glad all is well. Email me your street address sometime!

Kimberly said...

Maybe Trea could have a chat with Ethan. He is adamant that he DOES NOT want a new baby in the house. He tells everyone. I'm afraid he's actually serious...