Monday, September 03, 2007


I cooked a lot this weekend. I made chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner Sunday night, plus I made two no-bake cheesecakes (not the cheesecakes my friend Ariana referred to in a comment, but still very tasty). I miss having a real kitchen. I miss having an oven, and all the things you can do with an oven - roast, broil, bake. I miss counter space, and cabinets. I miss having a real, full-size refrigerator and freezer (my refrigerator is shorter than I am, and has a little freezer compartment). It makes it hard to keep an adequate supply of food on hand.

Most of all, I miss having an enclosed kitchen that is really part of the house. Our kitchen, as I believe I have mentioned before, is an afterthought. You go out the back door into the little lean-to type room that is my kitchen. It's tiny. There's open space between the top of the outside wall and the roof. We have a loose wire grill over the open space now, which keeps out the birds, frogs, etc. (which keeps them from pooping on my counter, that was driving me nuts). But bugs can still get in. There are a lot of ants and spiders, and it doesn't matter how clean the kitchen is, they still come. Occasionally a flying insect will land in the food as I am cooking it, and I can't help but think "Flaming DEATH!" (Trea's been watching "A Bug's Life"). It's kind of like camping, without the natural surroundings.

Thing is, I'm not a big fan of camping, so I'm looking forward to a "real" kitchen soon.


Ariana said...

Kitchens are so overrated. Hahaha just kidding. You are such a good chef, I imagine you'll be in cooking overload when you get back here. Your kitchen there sounds like it would make our Brentwood kitchen something in the 5 star range. Hmm.

So when you come back to the US, you said something about staying with John's family till you decide what to do.....does that mean Utah? Or where? If it's Utah you will absolutely have to come over and hang out some time!

The flaming death thing cracks me up...I wonder what that bug's last thoughts were ... "Mmmmm yummy AAHH!!!"

Laynalou3 said...

If you end up being in Utah over this next summer (2008) I'd love to come out and have a roommate reunion with you both! Matt and I are now officially moving to Denver next summer, and it will be pretty easy to get out to Utah to visit. And I'm sure we could convince Heather to come down from Logan. See-- some other things you can look forward to in the U.S.!

sleep deprived said...

A roommate reunuion would be so cool.

We will be in Orem until January. Then, who knows?

Ariana said...

Awesome! Jeff's parents are in Orem so we go down there all the time. You could like in fabulous Lehi....oh wait, that's right. It's not too fabulous. hahaha We definitely have to hang out while you're here.