Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back at last

So, after yet another long hiatus, a post! I'm getting pretty bad about updating this thing. In my defense, we were experiencing some technical difficulties - our laptop went on the fritz. But, we now have a desktop (thanks to John's massive amounts of overtime) so hopefully I can get back to posting on a somewhat regular basis.

We've also moved and are now living in an apartment in Salt Lake. It's actually the same apartment we lived in last time we lived in Salt Lake, and there are still some people we know (or at least recognize) in the complex. We looked all over Salt Lake but decided this is still the best deal for us. It's got a play area, and a pool, plus it's close enough to the bus line for John to take public transportation to work a couple days a week. It's SOOOO nice to have a car two or three days a week and be able to get errands done. Very very cool.

We're settling in. We're very happy with John's job, and the apartment. It feels good to be home.


Ariana said...

She lives! :-) See ya tomorrow!

Kim said...

Oh that is so funny that that apartment is open for you guys! The lady that lived there after you was a NUT! Welcome home :)