Thursday, April 03, 2008

Adia the Chatterbox

Adia has started talking, and is picking up words at an amazing rate. So far, she says:

Grandpa (said more like "anpa" but only to Grandpa Jeffery, so we know it's him)
uh-oh (especially when something drops. I'm glad she says this since it's vastly preferable to her repeating some of the other things I say when I drop something)
thank you (or, more accurately, dank you)
bye-bye (she waves too)

and. . .

Dora. Every. Time. the theme music comes on.

She's in the 60th percentile for height and not even on the charts for weight. So much for breastmilk being so calorie dense! We are "powerpacking" her diet now, and hopefully that will help her put on some pounds. The doctor's not worried, and she is very healthy and obviously developing well and not malnourished . . . we'd just like to see a bit more meat on her bones.


Kimberly said...

We have the opposite problem with Colin. I think my arm is going to fall from carrying him around. At least it's socially acceptable to be "dainty" if you're a girl, right? I can't believe she's talking! I need to meet her!!

Jessica said...

I want to meet her, too!
And I think you have the right attitude about her weight. Dr. Sears (who writes those good baby books) says look at the baby, not the charts.