Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Super busy

Sorry for the lack of posts, we've had a lot going on. The new job is going well, I think. I really enjoy using my education and the students and tutors are really cool. I have a student from Burma, she's been in the U.S. a couple of years I think. She spent eight years in Thai refugee camps and speaks a little Thai. We had a short (like two sentence) exchange in Thai, that's about maxing out my abilities! Her mom lost her roof in the cyclone but is otherwise OK.

My parents were here last week and took some pictures of my kids with their awesome camera. How cute are these girls?


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Jessica said...

Adia has more hair than Philip and he's almost a year older than her! OH, such a shame.

Kimberly said...


Ariana said...

Super cute pictures!! Glad you are enjoying your job...I bet it feels good to dust off the old knowledge. :) I get to teach a little gardening class for enrichment next week, so I have some dusting of my own to do. haha

Oh, BTW, you might want to change your blog comment settings to prevent comments like the one above from "kijar" -- if somebody clicks the link it'll take you to a website full of viruses.