Sunday, June 29, 2008

And you thought Primary was boring

I was getting Trea dressed the other day, and suddenly she starts singing.

Trea (singing): We will, we will, ROCK YOU!
Me: Where did you learn that? (just curious about where my 3 year old is learning Queen.)
Trea: My Primary class. (For you non-LDS people . . . Primary is what we call the kids' Sunday School. I have no idea why Queen would come up in her Primary class).

Tuesday I went into work, and my student Marcos was talking with Dorothea. Dorothea told me that Marcos had misunderstood the certificate he'd received for having 96% attendance; he'd received it at the graduation ceremony, and thought that he had to leave the school. He was so upset he admitted he'd cried on the way home. Ahhh. Note to self: must work on Marcos' literacy skills so he can read the difference between "graduation" and "attendance".

Dorothea also announced on Tuesday that she's retiring. She's worked there for 37 years, since the program started. When I met her, I thought she was in her early sixties. Then I talked to her some more, and found out that she'd worked for the school system for a number of years before coming to our school. So then I thought she might be in her late sixties or even early seventies. Turns out, she's 81! You would never know it to talk to her. She's not retiring for a few months though, and after that she said she'd come back to tutor.

Thursday we had a school potluck picnic. Mark brought his big gas grill and grilled hot dogs, Kate and I bought lots of cheapo prizes at the dollar store for BINGO prizes (paisley picture frame, anyone?), and we had a wide variety of dishes. School potlucks are a blast, we get everything from VERY authentic ethnic (Tibetan, Mexican, etc.) to people who stop by Little Caesar's and pick up a couple of pizzas. I finally got to meet some of my students' families, and we got to just relax and shoot the breeze. Leticia was much more comfortable laughing at my horrible Spanish outside of the classroom setting :). Phurbu made Tibetan mo-mos especially for me.

After the BINGO and clothespin tag, Emilie and Kate started dancing. Emilie is teaching Kate to Latin dance. It was fun to watch Emilie; she's got some moves. And some of our students are amazing. They looked incapable of missing a beat, like it was just as natural to them as walking. Kate was fun to watch as well, but for different reasons.

Now we have two weeks to clean our desks, organize our files, and plan lessons for next year.


Ariana said...

Authentic ethnic food sounds super cool...

Love that Trea is singing Queen... She and Preston could make a band. He still sings Weezer all the time including several of their new songs. So weird.

Anonymous said...

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