Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Attention, London 2012 Olympics

We have a suggestion for you.

Olympic fencing would be so much more interesting, John says the other night, if it weren't just straight back-and-forth movement in a confined area. So I started thinking, why don't they hold Olympic fencing competitions on movie sets? The qualifying rounds should be held in the room where Inigo Montoya killed the six-fingered count in "The Princess Bride." Semi-finals, in the cave where Captain Jack Sparrow killed Captain Barbosa in the first "Pirates of the Caribean." Medal rounds will take place at the tops of the Cliffs of Insanity.

Who wouldn't want to watch that? Extra points awarded for witty repartee.


Ariana said...

YES YES!!! My thoughts exactly. hahaha I'm sure the Brits can work something out.

Kate said...

I still think there needs to be a light saber aspect to this: maybe on a narrow I-beam over the boiling lava on the planet Mustafar...