Friday, August 01, 2008

Good things all around

I had a new tutor start on Thursday night. She is wonderful. First off, she showed up, on time. Already she is ahead of the tutor who was supposed to start on Tuesday night, and failed to show (and that tutor is also a member of the board, so that makes things. . . awkward). Second, this new tutor, M., is engaging and flexible (um, hey, I know it's your first night, but could you take two extra students? Really? Thanks!). Third (and this is the absolute icing on the cake) she's a speech pathologist. She is exceptionally skilled at teaching people to make sounds they don't know how to make, thereby improving their pronunciation and allowing them to be understood. Unbelievably useful when you're teaching ESL. I'm hoping to pick up some tips from watching her and talking to her.

Also, one of my students passed her citizenship test on Thursday. It was her second attempt, so if she'd failed, she'd have to start all over. I'm so, so, so happy for her. She's so sweet and really wanted this. I got several huge hugs and a couple of kisses on the cheek from her on Thursday night. If I can just get my other student, who retakes the test in three weeks, to pass, I won't ask for any more miracles this year.

Finally . . . happy birthday Dad! I love you!

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Ariana said...

Congratulations on your student! And new tutor. Speech pathology has always fascinated me... what a cool field. And great combination with the ESL! Cool!