Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I think the word I am looking for is "memorable"

Happy birthday to Trea! She's four, and so cute and fun (most of the time). We had a pretty normal day but the fun started when Dad got home from work. She decorated her own cake and unwrapped her gifts, and generally had a good time. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

And the election! Wow. Did you see Obama's speech? Did you notice the call-and-response type moments? Interesting. I'm excited that he won - I also have a little bit of an "what have we DONE?" feeling. He's unproven. I hope he can deliver.

Very exciting day.

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Ariana said...

I thought about Trea yesterday....glad she had a fun b-day! :-) I agree with you about the election. But I must say, I feel very excited to be alive in a time when a minority became president of this country. I hope it inspires people to reach for greatness! And I hope he does a good job as president. We'll definitely be praying for him.