Thursday, December 11, 2008

I have a brilliant idea

Outsourcing is a problem for our economy, right? So, let's start saving the U.S. government and the states some money with outsourcing. We can start with prisons. Anyone committed of a crime with a sentence of, oh, more than 2 years (subject to a cost-benefit analysis, but I think that is a long enough sentence to offset the cost of the plane ticket) gets sent to prison in a developing country. Thailand comes to mind. We'll pay them slightly more than the cost of actually maintaining the prisons; given what I've heard about Thai prisons, and the much lower cost of labor and food, we'll still save boatloads of cash. Maybe we can arrange some prisons in Spanish-speaking countries, or African nations. The prisoners would come back bilingual! Maybe we'll make it so they only have to spend a couple of years there, and then they can apply to finish their sentences here and take advantage of educational and vocational training programs, since I do think that is important. Still, it's a win-win. We'll save money and the host countries will make money.

And honestly, I think most American prisons are a little too comfortable. This program, though, will be reserved for multiple offenders, or those convicted of truly heinous crimes (rapists, pedophiles, murderers, etc.)

I think I should write my representatives. Who's with me?

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Ariana said...

I like it...Siberia is supposed to be nice this time of year...