Sunday, May 17, 2009

I am tired of. . .

  • being exhausted all the time, and having zero energy
  • evaluating every food on 1) the likelihood it will make me gag 2) how bad it will be coming up
  • feeling like a load of laundry is a monumental task
  • the abdominal pain that feels nearly constant
  • telling my kids "sorry, not today" when they want to play outside
  • feeling like everything - the house, my calling at church, my job, my kids - gets less of me than they need

Basically, I'm tired of being pregnant. It'll pass . . . in about six months.


Kimberly said...

Isn't it awful??? I relate to each one of those completely. One of the hardest things about being pregnant for me is that I feel like the worst mom. I had a brief honeymoon during the 2nd trimester and now I'm entering the incredibly uncomfortable 3rd trimester stage. I'd like a 4th but I'm not sure I can ever do this again.

Jessica said...

I'm sorry you feel so crappy. I relate to the exhaustion, but your pregnancies seem to be more difficult than mine were.
At least you know it's temporary. And your children will appreciate a new sibling more than they will remember not being able to play outside as often as they wanted to.

Ariana said...

Oh man, no fun! It's so gorgeous outside, but I keep getting headaches and we end up doing nothing. Ugh. It'll pass, right? And then be replaced with waddling, sleepless nights, hourly peeing, labor and delivery, more sleepless nights. Us moms really can't win! Good thing kids are cute. hahaha

Jessica said...

Hey, are you having a boy???