Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Don't get all excited

I haven't had the baby boy yet.

But, five years ago today, I gave birth to Trea. And I just want to say, she still amazes me. She's so smart, and fun, and observant, and headstrong. She made me sick as a dog for months on end and put me through 12.5 hours of labor, but she was so totally worth it.

Happy Birthday Trea!


Kimberly said...

Happy birthday to Trea! Five year olds are so great.

Hope you have that baby boy soon! I have "Kristen due" in huge letters on my November calendar, so I'm thinking of you every day!

Ariana said...

Happy birthday to her!! I can't believe our babies are 5 (well, Preston will be in a few months). Time sure flies!! I keep checking on here to see if you've had your baby...hope all goes well!

Small head said...

have a happy birthday trea :)
even though i dont know who you are ;)