Monday, November 30, 2009

He's here!

And he's now a week old, almost to the minute, as I post this.

I know it's pathetic that it's taken me this long to post, but I wanted to post a picture with it, and at first we didn't have access to a computer, then we'd forgotten the cable to connect the digital camera to the computer, then we left the camera at my in-laws' house. . .basically we're really unorganized.

Anyhow. This is a birth post, so skip it if you're squeamish or just bored by the details.

On Monday, Nov. 23, I went in for my last midwife appointment. I was four centimeters dilated, so I asked to have my membranes stripped. And, even though I am scared to death of being induced, we tentatively scheduled an induction for the next day. Even though the schedule was super busy - lots of women trying to have babies before the holiday - I had priority because I was a "medical" induction, being "sooo late" and all that. I wasn't even two weeks past my due date! They really would have flipped with Adia. . .

We went home, called John's dad, and asked him if he and Lorraine could take the girls for a few days. Luckily one of them was off work for each of the days we needed (my in-laws are both of retirement age, but continue to work because they get bored easily). We sent the girls off to Orem about 5 ish. Then we hung out and waited. I was having irregular, painless contractions off and on. Active labor kicked in at 10 pm, when I hopped on the treadmill for 10 minutes. I went upstairs and told John I was pretty sure I was in labor, and I was going to take a shower. I got in the shower at 10:20, and when I got out at 10:40 I told John to get ready to go. We left for the hospital at 11 and arrived at 11:30. At that time of night, security has to buzz you in. I walked in and the security guard greeted me and asked me where I was headed. I smiled and said "Guess!" He just laughed.

I get back to L & D, and start checking in when the receptionist recognizes my name. "But. . .you're on the schedule for tomorrow!" she says. Um, ok, but I'm in labor NOW. I explain that I had my membranes stripped and it worked, apparently. She comments that she "doesn't know WHY they do that, it hurts." And possibly having an induction with Pitocin would feel better than the 20 seconds it took to have my membranes stripped? Whatever.

So, I get a room, get changed into a gown, and the nurse checks me. I'm almost 8 centimeters. Good, I think, I'm probably in transition (I'm shaky and nauseated) or pretty close to it. They call my midwife and tell him to come in. For the next 45 minutes, I sit in a rocking chair trying to breath through contractions and occasionally throwing out smart aleck remarks (I distinctly remember asking my midwife if he knew any good urologists. He said yes, did I need one? I jerked my head towards John and said "HE needs a vasectomy!" My midwife calmly says,"Would you like to do that now?")

At some point a guy comes in and starts talking about a blood draw. I was having HARD contractions 3 minutes apart, and this guy wants to draw MY blood? I believe my exact words were, "No FREAKING way!" I must have said it rather, um, emphatically, because John later told me that the guy and the two ladies behind him (no idea what they were doing) all stopped short and backed out of the room. Seriously, I realize there's hospital policy and all but that was NOT a good time.

At 12:15 I decide I am really tired of the hard contractions, and discouraged because I don't feel like pushing at all. So I ask the midwife to break my water. He checks me, and I'm almost 9 centimeters. Then he breaks my water. He mentions that I could probably push if I want to, and I say no. The nurse tries to encourage me to push, and I tell her no. Then another contraction hits, and suddenly I'm thinking maybe I DO want to push. John helped me get into a kneeling/hands and knees position, and within a few minutes I'm really feeling like I need to push. Baby was born at 12:40 am, less than three hours after my first "real" contractions and about 15 minutes after I first started pushing. I had one small tear that needed a couple of stitches but nothing else. The placenta, interestly enough, did not look at all post-dates; according the midwife it was a very healthy placenta.

Dylan Xavier was 8 lbs, 4 oz, and 21.5 inches long. He came out protesting loudly, but is really a sweet baby. Trea and Adia LOVE him (for now. . .wait until the novelty wears off). He has nursed really well from the beginning.

I still have some symptoms from the SPD I had during pregnancy, but other than that I feel fine. I still say I would repeat any of the three labors multiple times if I could just skip the first half of the pregnancy.

I am so glad Dylan is HERE, and so glad not to be pregnant anymore!


mom said...

So glad it all went well! So glad it worked out with the girls and Art and Lorraine. So sorry I missed it. . . by a day. Do I make it up to him? or does he make it up to me someday? j/k lol At least the girls can tell him about all the fun he missed while we were waiting!

Kay said...

Yay! Congratulations, again!

Ariana said...

Woohoo!! Congratulations! He looks very sweet. Send some "short labor" vibes my way, will ya? :) your midwife a GUY? You referred to them as "he" several times. I didn't know midwives came in male. ;-)

Erin G. said...

He's ADORABLE!! I'm coming up in December and want to come by. I'll email you and we can figure out a time. I'm glad he's here!

Kimberly said...

What's SPD?

You are amazing. I could never give birth the way you do.

I am SOOOO glad he's here and even more glad that you posted pictures. I can't wait to meet him!!!

Parkers said...

We're so happy for you! You sure get adorable kids after your nasty pregnancies :)

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it