Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maybe it's just me and my uptight Mormon thriftiness. . .

So, a while back I was browsing Craigslist, and there was a posting selling miscellaneous items. One of those "virtual garage sale" kind of listings.

This woman listed a pair of high heels that she described as having "never been walked in." I thought, Huh, that's odd; usually I see things described as "never been worn." She described them as black, with tall, narrow heels, ribbon ties. . . and mentioned that they had cost $50 at a local shop known for, um, intimate apparel and accessories.

So, "never been walked in" but NOT never been worn means . . . . OH. (Yeah, I'm quick, I know.)

First of all, ew. Second hand shoes? Maybe, depending on many factors. Second hand ANYTHING involved in that particular, um, activity? Ew.

And second. . .fifty bucks? Seriously? For THAT?


Kate said...

So you have something against ...uh... "**** Me Shoes"?

sleep deprived said...

I thought the point of those types of shoes was to INITIATE, not to be worn DURING.

And I still think $50 is too much.

Kimberly said...


That is funny. Seems like things could get a little dicey if worn "during" considering the description of "tall, narrow heels".

I agree they're overpriced. I can think of much, much, much cheaper ways to get the same result.

anggie said...

yea keren ceritanya,,,