Thursday, May 06, 2010

Why I'm not sure Adia is my child

John had all of last week off. It was his second week of paternity leave, which he had to use before Dylan reached six months or lose.

It was great to have him home all week. It was especially great because I demanded suggested he menu plan and cook for the week, and he agreed. Monday, he and his dad became embroiled in a project (which is another post altogether) but Tuesday through Sunday, he cooked. The menu for the week:

Tuesday: buttered noodles with parmesan cheese
Wednesday: Cheeseburgers
Thursday: Sloppy Joes
Friday: Fajitas
Saturday: pan-seared salmon with rice pilaf and salad
Sunday: Shepherd's pie

Noodles and cheeseburgers are always popular around here, so they went over big. Trea, adventerous as always, ate EVERYTHING with minimal hesitation and no complaints. Adia ate the shepherd's pie, downed the salmon (and ate the leftovers for lunch), ate the fajitas minus the peppers, and. . . would.not.touch. the Sloppy Joes, no matter what.

Strange kid.


Frederick Family BlogSpot said...

So funny. You never know what will work and what won't I guess. And kids are so, so funny about food. But no sloppy joes is an odd refusal. Is it because of the "sloppiness"? Adia does seem concerned with mess (which I gathered from the previous post about ice cream.)

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