Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One cool cat

This is actually a story from a few months ago, but it needs to be recorded for the sake of posterity.

Adia and I were playing cat and tiger. This is one of her favorite games. She pretends to be a cat, and I pretend to be a tiger. I swipe at her with my claws, growl, and tickle her. She giggles alot.

So, we are playing, and she says "Mom! Pretend to eat me!"

And I nuzzle her tummy.

"Did you eat me?"

"Um. . .yeah."

"Okay, now I'm dead."

Lays still for five seconds, before springing up and shouting:

"And now JESUS CAT makes us all alive again!"

Um. . .Jesus Cat?

Apparently, Adia was under the impression that each species has its own savior. There's a Jesus for the dogs, for the birds, for the cats, etc. I'm not sure how specific this gets (do finches and hawks share? Wouldn't that be complicated?) but she was sure there was a Jesus cat.

Who turns water into milk, probably.


Parkers said...

That's HILARIOUS. Laughing out loud (and I seriously don't do that very often).

Kay said...

LOL. That's AWESOME. At least she knows what the Savior does?