Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Open Letters

Dear Universe,

Bad things come in threes. You are over your quota. BACK OFF!


Dear Dylan,

Just because you CAN open the oven and CAN scale every piece of furniture in the house doesn't mean you SHOULD.

Your loving mother

Dear Trea and Adia,

Just because I choose to ignore much of the noise in this house, doesn't mean I'm deaf. When you are laughing and shrieking when you are supposed to be asleep, I CAN HEAR YOU! Knock it off and get some sleep.


Dear Insurance Company,

If my house happens to burn to the ground when no one's home, and all our really important keepsakes just happen to be in storage, does that look suspicious? Not that I'm trying to get out of cleaning it or anything. . .



Kay said...

I hope the Universe backs off the bad things, too. Good luck on getting Dylan to stop climbing and the girls to stop talking. And your house burning to the ground without your keepsakes wouldn't have looked suspicious, but now you've posted the letter, it would. :)

Ariana said...

Bah! Dylan's a climber too?? That's fabulous. I can relate. I thought Calvin would be too short to climb. Nope, he apparently has muscles. We can't have dining chairs at the table anymore because he'll climb up and onto the table within like 8 seconds if nobody's looking. Drives. Me. Crazy. Hope the universe is reading it's mail....

Maria said...

I have come to believe that bad things actually happen in fives in my universe. Figures...